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Arts Impact Grant


Announcing the NEW Frisco Arts Impact Grant!


We believe that communities are strengthened and enriched by capable organizations in the arts. This grant was created with the goal of broadening the reach and impact of exceptional arts organizations.


The Arts Impact Grant is nomination-based and will be awarded to an outstanding organization in the arts who has proven to have a positive impact on their community for more than three years.

This grant is funded by generous donors of the Frisco Arts Foundation. 

  who can be nominated?  

Any arts organization with more than three years

in operation.


  what is funded?  

The Arts Impact Grant is designed to support any expenses to the arts organization, including general operating, program, marketing, venue rentals, and more.

  how much is funded?  

The Frisco Arts Impact Grant is a $5,000 grant award.


​To qualify, the nominated arts organization must be located in the DFW area and has provided positive, impactful programming to the Frisco community. The nominator will give a narrative on the impact of the arts organization with supporting metrics. How does the arts organization's vision continue to support recognized creative excellence. The Frisco Arts Board of Directors will select a grant recipient to receive the Arts Impact award based on the quality of the narrative, not necessarily the quantity of nominations. 

  when is the application due?  


Please submit a nomination by December 10, 2021. The winning arts organization will be notified on December 15, 2021.

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