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Support the Arts

Become a Donor

Do you have a HEART for the ARTS?  

Are you interested in joining the creative revolution in Frisco?

Frisco Arts donors are a diverse cross-section of the community,

invested in building a stronger community through the ARTS. 

Our Donor Advocates believe:

  • Art is a universal language that unifies our growing and diverse community.

  • Art strengthens and sustains Frisco through its social, economic, educational, and community impact.

  • Art is essential to the health and sustainability of our vibrant city.

  • Art has a positive, lifelong personal impact resulting in increased creativity, volunteerism, philanthropy, innovation, and self-expression.

  • Frisco needs a home for the arts through a cultural and performing arts center, providing balance and allowing the arts to thrive.


Invest in the ARTS and support Frisco Arts as a donor advocate today!  Your gift is tax-deductible, and we appreciate your support.

Interested in learning more about Frisco Arts and how you can get involved? Join us for our Frisco Arts orientation. Please register here for the event. 

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