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Make your annual gift today to support arts advocacy, education, and grants! Your investment strengthens our collective voice of arts advocacy and helps to keep the arts alive in Frisco and beyond. 

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To make your Annual Campaign gift, click the  DONATE  button and select the Partnership level you support. Or choose to make a monthly recurring gift by selecting Other, entering the
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Krishna & Mona Bhaskar

The arts always plays a very crucial role of bringing the world together. In our diverse city, Frisco Arts has taken that unspoken but necessary responsibility of bringing many cultures, races, religions, opinions together through a non-partisan, beautiful, enriching platform of the arts. The team at Frisco Arts has actively mastered and exceeded expectations in that much-needed leadership role to keep Frisco artistic, strong and united. Someone has to do it and we are grateful to have Frisco Arts to depend on in our city.


Brad Huff

Chair of Frisco Arts Walk and Run

I did not grow up in the arts and I am not an artist myself. I have always been jealous of those to whom it appeared to come so easily. However I am a consumer and patron of the arts. My involvement in Frisco Arts has allowed me the opportunity to connect people like me to the arts in and around Frisco. If there is a place for a person like me in Frisco Arts, there certainly is a place for you. I encourage you to join the Frisco Arts family and be part of the momentum. You’ll be glad you did.


Rod Henderson & Natalie Green

Becoming patrons of Frisco Arts has been a great experience for us. As relatively new residents of Frisco (from Canada), we have made connections with other people who share a passion for the arts. We have even made friends that get together outside of Frisco Arts events! We truly feel like with Frisco Arts we have 'found our people' in Texas!

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