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It's vital that we all keep demonstrating why art and culture is important and what benefits it can bring to individuals, communities and society as a whole.

How to Make the Case


Funded by Frisco Arts? Acknowledge our support.

Show everyone what your grant funding has helped you achieve. If you're sharing work on social media that's been supported by Frisco Arts, make sure you include the hashtag #FriscoArts to let everyone know it's supported in part by the grant program.

Tell It Like It Is

Imagine if you walked into an elevator and the leader of your local council is there - what would you say? Whether you're the CEO of a large business, an individual artist or a patron of the arts, we've shared three lines that you can use to talk about the value of arts investment with anyone, with research to back them up.

You might want to tweak these statements so they're right for you, but here's a good starting point: 

  • Making and experiencing arts and culture improves quality of life for individuals and communities.

  • An investment in the arts is an investment in the community.

  • A well-rounded city must have strong arts and culture.

Get The Facts

Arts and culture changes lives, but it also means business, making money for our national and local economies.

In 2015, the Business Council for the Arts (BCA) partnered with Americans for the Arts (AFTA) to conduct the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5, a study designed to measure the economic impact of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations across the United States. 

AEP5 Study Highlights for North Texas:​

  • The economic impact of arts and culture organizations in North Texas more than tripled
    between the previously published study in 2012 and the current study – from
    $428,512,328 to $1,473,366,015.

  • In the region, the nonprofit arts and culture sector equated to 52,848 FTE jobs
    supported, translating into $1.3 billion in annual salaries.

  • North Texas cultural audience attendance numbers totaled 13,970,000 in 2015,
    contributing $473,856,433 to the economy.

Create Your Story


You're in a great position to make the case for art and culture. You have lots of stories to tell about how your work positively impacts people's lives. It's time to tell them! 

Arts Advocacy - rashad.jpg

At its core, storytelling is about making an authentic, human connection.


For arts creators, when people feel like they’re part of your artistic process and you’re willing to share a glimpse into your journey, they’ll root for you and support your work. How did you come up with your ideas? What inspires you to create? 

For arts enthusiasts, share when you were bitten by the arts bug. What attracted to you an artistic experience? How did it change the way you viewed the world?

For businesses, how has the arts positively impacted your business? Why do you feel it's important to support the arts?

Tell Your Story

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Debi Hammond

I'm Debi Hammond and my lifestyle and business is Creating Happy. One day in December, I was born in northern California to make a positive difference with my creative, active and happy imagination.

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