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Minority Artist Grant

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We recognize the need for increased representation of people of color in every facet of the arts world, and an even greater need for uplifting the vision, voices, and content of people of color in creative spaces.

We want to support a new movement of efforts to make the arts accessible and relatable to everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity.

This grant is funded by generous donors of the Frisco Arts Foundation.


  who can apply?  

  1. Creative practitioners who identify as black, indigenous,
    and/or people of color (BIPOC). This includes musicians,
    dancers, actors, visual artists, creative technicians, DJs,
    performers/creators, community practitioners/engagement
    specialists, movement directors, fashion designers,
    and jewelry makers.


  2. Non-BIPOC creative practitioners seeking funds for any venture
    specifically designed to serve or better represent BIPOC communities.


  what is funded?  

  • Performances, projects, and commissions  

  • Public performances, projects, presentations, exhibitions, and commissions of creative content.

  • Professional artistic development

  • Anything contributing to the creative practitioner’s own professional or creative development, such as development and training programs, webinars, workshops, and classes in the arts discipline.

  • Engagement and education

  • Events that involve diverse communities or reach new audiences. Educational lecture-demonstrations, master classes, panels, forums, and workshops.

  • Recordings and technology

  • Technology projects such as local broadcasts, video/audio recordings, online/digital resources, and online streaming aimed at providing public access to creative works.

  how much is funded?  

Approved applicants will receive a one-time $1,000 grant.


  1. Provide proof of at least one year’s experience as a creative practitioner by submitting an example from your artist portfolio via one of the following mediums:

    • Website Link

    • Social Media Account

    • Media File

  2. Provide proof of residency or employment in the Frisco area by submitting a copy of one of the following:

    • Valid Driver’s License

    • Voter Registration Card

    • Utility Bill

    • Paystub

    • Tax Form

  3. ​Applicants must still be living or working in Frisco at the time the grant is awarded.  

    • For professional artistic development:

      • Describe the development training you are seeking and explain how this training will contribute to your creative success.

      • Provide a list of costs/fees relevant to your development training.

    • For all other projects and events:

      • Submit a project abstract or event outline including a description of the project/event, materials needed, and projected timeline to completion. Explain why this venture will be uniquely significant for BIPOC communities or for yourself as a BIPOC creative.

      • Provide a budget proposal according to your projected costs and needs. 


  when is the application due?  


Applications are available online through September 16th, 2022. Awards will be given during the Frisco Arts Walk and Run opening ceremony on October 1, 2022 at HALL Park.

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