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The Frisco Arts Tourism Grants are funded by the City of Frisco. The City of Frisco commits a portion of money raised from the city’s Hotel Occupancy Tax to support arts organizations that create quality programming and increase tourism.


Frisco Arts distributes these funds on behalf of the City Council. and support non-profit community and cultural organizations bringing quality programming to Frisco in the following areas:

Combined Arts

This includes festivals. We want to offer audiences new experiences through high quality, ambitious art in a variety of spaces. We hope that this will provide more opportunities for a wide range of people to get involved with creating and experiencing art and culture.


We fund and work with dance companies who perform across a wide range of styles and in a wide range of settings. We hope to widen the understanding and appreciation of the many and varied kinds of dance.


We support many different musical genres and musical experiences, whether in traditional venues like concert halls, churches and schools, or unconventional spaces like coffee shops and car facilities. The organizations we fund range from independent music producers and venues to large scale orchestras, as well as music education for children and young people.

Visual Art/Film

Frisco has a dynamic visual arts sector that seeks constantly to reinvent itself, blurring boundaries and collaborating with other creative disciplines. We fund projects across a broad range of media, including painting, sculpture and film. We support artists to develop their work and reach more people, as well as encouraging more projects outside traditional gallery spaces.


Theatre in Frisco is vibrant and thriving, with a diverse range of artists and organizations producing varied and exciting work. The organizations we fund range from smaller to larger nonprofit arts organizations who offer programming to children, young people, and seniors. 


The literature and storytelling sector in Frisco is incredibly exciting and dynamic. We support poetry, fiction, life writing, spoken word, writing for children, literary translation and other forms of creative writing. We know that libraries play a key role in their communities and we would like to see them used more to connect the public with other cultural and artistic activities.

2020 Arts Tourism Grant Applications

Thank you for your interest in applying for an Arts Tourism grant from Frisco Arts. All programs must  be presented in the city of Frisco. The City of Frisco commits a portion of money raised from the City’s Hotel Occupancy Tax to support arts organizations that create quality programming and increase tourism. As the official arts advocacy agency of the City of Frisco, Frisco Arts distributes these funds on behalf of the City Council.

All non-profit arts organizations who offer arts and entertainment options to citizens in Frisco are welcome to apply. Email with any questions. APPLICATION IS DUE BY MIDNIGHT ON MARCH 15, 2020. 


The 2020-2021 Grant Application is an online Google form that must be submitted with 2 additional required forms. The 2 forms required to submit are:


  • Organizational 3-Year Budget Form

  • 2020 Grant Funding Agreement


These documents can be downloaded below and must be uploaded to the 2020-2021 Grant Application. Instructions are in the grant application. Do NOT email them or they may not be attached to your application.



The Grant Reporting form is for all 2019-2020 recipients who received grant funds. This form must be submitted by March 30th, 2020 in order to be considered for a 2020-2021 grant. If you did not receive a grant in 2019-2020, you do not have to submit the Grant Reporting form with your application, but will need to submit one in 2021. Updated Grant Reporting forms will be available in 2021.

The Grant Reporting form must be emailed to This is the only item in the application that will be emailed; all other documents will be uploaded to the online grant application. 


2020 Recommended Grant Recipients

Nonprofit organizations who offer quality programs benefiting the citizens of Frisco and increasing arts tourism to Frisco qualify for annual grants from Frisco Arts.  The funding for these grants comes from a percentage of the Hotel Occupancy Tax, paid for by visitors to Frisco.

Frisco Arts has recommended the following arts organizations to receive funding for programs in 2020-2021. Frisco Arts can award $175,000 in grants this year, bringing quality music, dance, theatre, film, and visual art to Frisco. Our Frisco Arts grant recipients have been carefully selected by the Funding Review Committee and the Board of Directors, and providing programming that increases arts tourism. The following 23 arts organizations are recommended to receive grant funding for programs in 2020-2021. We invite you to explore our 2020-2021 creative revolutionaries ready to increase arts tourism and make an economic impact in our community.

2020 Frisco Arts Recommended Grant Recipients

Grant Cycle Timeline

January 20 -  Grant Applications Available Online

March 15 -  Grant Applications Due

March 30 - Final Report from prior year due to FAA

March -  Funding Committee Review of Applications and Recommendations to FAA Board of Directors

April 15 -  Applicants receive notice of Grant Acceptance or Declination

May TBD - Grants approved by Council 

*Due to the decline in tourism dollars from the coronavirus pandemic, the Arts Tourism Grant Fund was reduced by the Frisco City Council from $175,000 to $100,000 on July 7th, 2020. Frisco Arts will not take any administrative fee this year for managing the program and will distribute 100% of the funds to 23 recipient organizations.

The following letter of arts advocacy to reduce and not eliminate the arts grant program was written by Robert M. Edsel, the #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of The Monuments Men and a guest on our SmART Men Spotlight. We thank Mr. Edsel for his strong support of the arts in Frisco.

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