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Frisco Arts Ambassadors

Frisco Arts Ambassadors are champions of the arts who function as the Project Lead of various committees, special events and initiatives within Frisco Arts. Frisco Arts Ambassadors are passionate about the arts and reflect a diverse mix of backgrounds. Our Ambassadors are vital to the successful impact and implementation of our mission to build a stronger community with the arts.


  • Membership - Jenny Dowdy

  • New Business - Michelle Weisbein

  • Members' Networking Nights- Jessica Johnston


Community Engagement:

  • FISD and PTA - Khushboo Rawlley

  • Public Relations - Kris Brown

  • Governmental Affairs - Charlie Wendell

Signature Events/Initiatives:


  • Volunteers - Debra Papert

  • Operations - Harlan Papert 

We are grateful to our wonderful Ambassadors for serving with us to advance the arts in Frisco!

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